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Liquid Chalk Markers (Pack of 8)

Money Back Guarantee


★:The Best Chalk Paint Pens for ALL Your Artistic, Creative and Marketing Needs!★:

★: These Markers are so much FUN. Take advantage of our VERY limited time offer – Risk Free!
★: Incredibly Easy and Fun to Use
★: Easily Wipes off ALL NON-Porous Surfaces
★: Vibrant Colors for Eye-Catching Art, Images and Signs

Start Using the Most Versatile Markers Available!

★: Money-Saving package of 8 Colors including Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple,
Orange and White‏
★: Ideal for use on NON-Porous Chalkboards, Glass, Windows, Mirrors, Whiteboards and Virtually ALL NON-Porous Surfaces – Do you know how much fun it is to write on virtually anything?! Remember “Non-Porous”
★: Create Customizable and Memorable Art for All Special Events; Birthdays, Engagements, Showers, Weddings, Parties, Sporting Events and More!
★: Draw In Your Customer’s with liquid chalk signs that grab their attention! Bistros, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Car Dealerships and Real Estate – Just to name a few!

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Liquid Chalk Markers by Ander Blake Company

6 reviews for Liquid Chalk Markers (Pack of 8)

    5 out of 5

    I absolutely love these chalk markers! I have homemade chalkboards we like to keep our meal plans and schedules on at home and these markers have been so much easier AND more fun to use! Great product!

    5 out of 5

    Very good quality chalk markers. The packaging is clean and professional. Colors are fairly vibrant!

    5 out of 5

    I bought these markers and the acrylics for my kids, now i’m using them all the time, they are so much fun to use, and the colors are super bright… best of all, is at clean up time. They have been really easy to clean on all the surfaces so far.

    5 out of 5

    These are great Liquid Chalk Markers! My family and I love Chalk Markers.These ones are great; you get 8 colors in this pack yellow, white, orange, pink, red, purple, green and blue.They come in a carrying box and have a 6mm chisel point & rounded point included as well.These are to be used on non porous surfaces. Although, I could not resist and used these on some cotton bags and made them into kitchen play market bags for her play kitchen.They worked beautifully but do come off a little bit if you touch the chalk marker ink itself; other than that she has had it for a couple weeks now and it still looks great.I would not suggest using on the cotton like I did, I only did it because I love the look of these chalk marker colors. They are so vibrant.
    -Works great on all non porous surfaces-Windows,chalkboards,whiteboards,glass,acrylic,plastic,ceramics, & anything else that is non porous.
    -Easy to wipe off. I usually use a damp cloth to wipe off or a sponge and have no problems with doing it that way.
    -Fun colors that make any project fun to create. It definitely spices up my whiteboard. I usually use boring black on there but now I can use these to give it a pop of color. My toddler loves to draw with these on the whiteboard.
    -Double tipped: It has a chisel point and round point all you have to do is pull tip out and flip it around to access either end.Great for writing/drawing menus, displays, signs, notes, calendars, etc.
    -Kids love them for craft time; well at least my daughter, nieces & nephews do.
    -If you are working with toddlers like I am these can get messy; but can be washed off and cleaned up easily. I have had them get on the chairs/clothes/hands & they have all came off.
    -Pulling the chisel point out to switch sides can get messy. I wish they would make it into a double sided pen where the point stays stationary. It would definitely cut down on the ink getting on your fingers when pulling it out to switch to your preferred point whether it is chisel or round.
    -Have to prime each marker before using after that your are set since they only need to be primed once.Hopefully one day they can make these so we do not have to prime them & can be used right out of the box.

    Overall we LOVE them! I am currently addicted to using these chalk markers because they are so fun and turns my boring reminders into an eye catchy nice to look at pretty reminders to myself. I would definitely recommend these.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I love them! I didn’t anticipate how fun it would be to write on windows. We decorate our windows for the holidays and they look very festive and the neighbors can view them too. My sister is using them to decorate her car windows for my nephews soccer team too! Very cool product.

  6. 5 out of 5

    These are good stuff! It brings cool colors into our boards and window displays.

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